James E. Brown, III - Charlottesville City Sheriff

With integrity, we will serve the community in a professional, courteous, responsible manner while securing the courts, working to ensure court staff and public safety, and helping to preserve the environment.

We are continuing with the TRIAD program working with seniors to reduce their victimization of criminal activity.  We  have done presentations for seniors throughout the community on Emergency Preparedness, Scams and Fraud, and Shopping Safety.  Our Office has also taken an active role and we now act as treasurer for the Charlottesville-Albemarle TRIAD.  We at TRIAD are in the process of expanding the program to include a focus on prosecuting those that victimize seniors.  

We also provide R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) women's self-defense training for women in the community.  The very first class we offered went so well, I decided to go through the training to become an instructor myself.  Since then, two of the Charlottesville Sheriff's Office Deputies have also become R.A.D. certified instructors as well as R.A.D. Senior Citizen instructors.  We offer the classes with other agencies and on our own as scheduling allows.  In response to a request from members of the LGBTQ community to have self-defense training, we designed a Basic Self-Defense class that is open to all adult members of the community.  Youth over 15 are also allowed to take this class with parental permission.

Youth outreach has been an additional priority for the Sheriff's Office.  We have been to schools to speak to youth, and participated over the summer with programs involving local youth organizations.  We have done presentations at the Boys and Girls Club to teach children what to do if they find a firearm.  Each year we also participate in City Government Services Day and help educate the youth on safety issues, including internet safety.  Which brings me to my next topic which is indirectly related to the Sheriff's Office, education.  We as a community need to encourage the continuing education of our students.  During my undergraduate studies of Statistics and Juvenile Delinquency, it is quite obvious that finishing high school and obtaining an education is a key to preventing crime.  An increase in education, usually accompanies a decrease in crime which benefits both the student and the community.  Information on scholarships can be obtained through the Charlottesville Community Scholarship Program.

We are "Driving Green" at the Charlottesville Sheriff's Office.  We have phased-in hybrid vehicles (three Ford Fusions and a Ford Escape) to help with the City's efforts to reduce energy consumption and become more friendly for the environment.   The gas costs with a Fusion Hybrid is less than half of the costs of the Crown Victoria.  The first year of our first Fusion Hybrid resulted in a 34mpg average for the year, easily doubling the fuel mileage of the older cars in the fleet.  Because it is not constantly burning fuel when running, the oil change interval is 10,000 miles which is twice as long as the Crown Victoria.  Our Fusions also have single-person partitions giving the driver full use of the front interior of the car and half of the rear interior of the car.

A Reserve Deputy program was started in 2010 and continues to provide us with the ability to enhance our services to the community at no-cost.  We use a small group of Reserves to help with programs and assist with court security.  Most of them are fully certified Law Enforcement Officers meeting and maintaining the standards required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Accreditation is being worked on as a complete team effort involving all members of the Sheriff's Office with each person having a responsibility.  This will give the Deputies the opportunity to be involved with the process and to appreciate the results even more when are accredited.  A major step was the implementation of a Department of Criminal Justice Services based Standard Operating Procedures manual. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, ages, and genders to be active in the community.  I look forward to working with residents on new projects, and improving old and current projects to help make Charlottesville a better and safer place to live and visit. 


With respect, communication, and diversity we can all progress.


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